Interpolitex 17-19 Oct 2023 in Moscow, Russia

Issuing time:2023-09-14 09:20

INTERPOLITEX is Russia's largest and most authoritative military and police defense program

The exhibition is jointly organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service and the National Guard of the Russian Federation. The first exhibition was held

In 1995, the 27th edition will be held in 2023.

At the last exhibition, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Krockettesv and many other party, government and military

Senior officials appeared at the opening ceremony and concurrent events; In addition, there are many associations, chambers of commerce, media, and industry giants

Strong support. The exhibition is divided into police equipment, national defense military equipment, border security, multi-functional vehicle systems and equipment

four major sectors; The "Safe Capital" Smart Security System Urban Law Enforcement and Maintenance Forum was held concurrently with the exhibition.

INTERPOLITEX is one of the main exhibition and exchange platforms for international cooperation in the field of security in the CIS region,

It is the best trade platform for Chinese military, police and defense enterprises to enter Russia and even the CIS region.

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